Welcome to eWizard Canada Inc.

eWizard Canada, Inc.
Our company is an open virtual platform for those who are uniquely skilled. Our tagline is “ You bring the skills; we bring the opportunities.” Meaning, if you have any skill set which can solve people’s problem, then remember here we are, to promote you to your niche audience.

Nowadays, the company’s primary focus is to promote English language (IELTS) program, study visa and immigration to Canada from all over the world.

Our company’s sister concern is IELTS & Canada. From IELTS & Canada’s platform, international IELTS aspirins are getting full help to achieve their required IELTS score. From zero to Band 9, to help students, this platform has a reliable and dedicated teachers’ group. Who help students according to their needs and according to their needs, this platform has Basic Spoken, Basic Writing, IELTS and IELTS advanced courses. Those who want to come to Canada with a student visa this platform helps them from the visa processing part till getting a Canadian PR. This platform with ewizard inc. has already made MoU’s  with all the renowned institutes in Canada. Hence, the students can, directly through us, apply to their choice of colleges or universities.
To make it succint here what we do for you from IELTS & Canada:

  • We have full English Language courses to help you to achieve required IELTS score to apply in Canada.
  • We advise our students to go for those subjects which will land them on job category of NOC O, A and B, because these are the category, which are acceptable to apply for PR. So, it is really important to be on the exact subjects which will be appropriate to apply for the PR, after the completion of study.
  • We advise students on their universities, courses and fees structure.
  • We assist students to choose right course and university based on their academic qualification, English proficiency and budget.
  • We process students’ admission in different universities and colleges in Canada.
  • We also advise students on different scholarships given by the universities.
  • We process students’ visa application.
  • We provide guidelines how to prepare documents for visa application.
  • We provide one to one pre-departure briefing for students.
  • We assist students for air ticket reservation.
  • We help them to settle down in Canada
  • We help them to get SIN number and presto-card
  • We guide them to submit their tax file

We take care of all our students regardless of their situations. Our students are like our brothers and sisters, so we treat them like our family members. We value relationships over the business.

We are based in Canada and registered with the Canadian Government as an Incorporation.